Paris 2016

Skoda анонсировала Octavia Scout для забавы по легкому бездорожью

Skoda выпустила предварительные детали и фотографии модели Octavia Scout, которая ​​публично дебютирует в марте на автосалоне в Женеве.


Грубоватая 2014 Skoda Octavia Scout

Чешская Skoda разместила на своем белом и пушистом стенде в Женеве грубоватую 2014 Octavia Scout.


2013 Skoda Octavia Combi RS от ателье Mcchip-Dkr

Немецкий тюнер Mcchip-Dkr выпустил программу модернизации для дизельной Skoda Octavia Combi RS.


2013 Skoda Octavia RS от ателье MTM

Немецкий тюнер MTM выпустил комплект модернизации для третьего поколения Skoda Octavia RS.


Альтернативная 2014 Skoda Octavia G-TEC

Европейские автопроизводители продолжают интенсивно внедрять альтернативные виды топлива, а чешская Skoda в поддержку данного направления показала в Женеве ничем не отличающийся от базовой Octavia автомобиль, который работает на сжиженном природном газе (CNG).


2014 Skoda Octavia G-TEC способна проехать до 1330 километров

В семействе Skoda появился новый участник диапазона Octavia путем запуска версии G-TEC, которая работает на природном газе (CNG).


Skoda раскрыла 2013 Octavia RS

Skoda официально анонсировала 2013 Octavia RS в преддверии публичной премьеры 10 июля на фестивале скорости в Гудвуде.


Технологичная Škoda Octavia

Škoda привезла в Женеву недавно представленную третью Octavia, седан и универсал.


2013 Skoda Octavia Combi увеличилась в размерах

Skoda показала 2013 Octavia Combi которая ожидает своей премьеры вместе с версией 4×4 на автосалоне в Женеве.


Свежая картинка 2013 Skoda Octavia RS

Skoda Octavia RS уже «дебютировала» пару месяцев назад благодаря автомобильному конфигуратору на сайте компании, а новый имидж модели просочился во всемирную паутину.


Первый взгляд на 2014 Skoda Octavia Combi RS

Skoda тестирует Octavia Combi RS в преддверии премьеры запланированной на конец этого года.


Skoda представила спецификации двигателей 2013 Octavia

Skoda объявила полные спецификации линейки двигателей 2013 Octavia.


Пресс-релиз (EN)

The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout: A real adventurer for family and for leisure

  • World launch of the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout in Geneva – even more unique
  • With a more powerful off-road look in the new ŠKODA design language
  • Impressive rough-road capability, steep-slope performance and high traction capacity
  • Modern all-wheel-drive technology based on the high-performance Haldex-5 clutch
  • Three more powerful engines and on average 20 percent lower fuel consumption; a premiere for the 2.0 TDI/135 kW with DSG and 4×4 all-wheel drive
  • A ‘bit more car’: lots of space, ‘Simply Clever’ features, maximum safety
  • ŠKODA’s successful ‘adventure’ models: Octavia Scout, Fabia Scout, Fabia Combi Scout, Roomster Scout, Yeti Outdoor and Superb with the Outdoor package
  • The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout
The new ŠKODA Octavia is a true scout. The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout, on its world premiere launch in Geneva, is a unique all-rounder with outstanding driving performance even on rough roads; it has a powerful all-wheel drive and a robust off-road look. At the same time this crossover vehicle has all the outstanding qualities of the new ŠKODA Octavia. It is spacious, highly practical and has up-to-date safety and comfort systems. The new Octavia Scout offers the best possible value for money. Compared to the previous model, the emission and fuel-consumption values of the new Octavia Scout have been reduced by 20 per cent on average.

​“The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout is an extremely versatile all-rounder and demonstrates the strengths of the ŠKODA brand,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “A true scout has to earn that name at ŠKODA. The Octavia Scout has a rugged character with outstanding all-wheel and steep-slope performance. Traction capacity and ground clearance are excellent. Combined with its powerful off-road look, high-performance engines with low fuel consumption, the ultimate in safety and infotainment technology, as much room as you could wish for and not least, some fabulous features – the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout meets the highest technical, aesthetic and lifestyle standards. More and more customers ask for cars with individual appeal and the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout is the answer,” says Prof. Dr. Vahland.

The new Octavia Scout is based exclusively on the Octavia Combi. Its market launch is planned for September 2014. The Octavia Scout has been a fixed feature in ŠKODA’s model range since 2007. With its second Scout generation, the Czech manufacturer intends to build further upon the success of these versatile vehicles. Between 2007 and the end of 2013, ŠKODA delivered around 53,600 Octavia Scouts to customers worldwide. This represents almost 8 per cent of all Octavia Combi vehicles supplied during that period.

Powerful personality

A glance at the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout will tell you that this is a vehicle with a style all its own – self-assured and distinctive. “The Octavia Scout has character: its striking looks and all-wheel-drive technology are the perfect combination,” says ŠKODA head designer Jozef Kabaň.

The brand’s new design idiom suits the Octavia Scout particularly well. Perfect proportions, edgy, pared down to the essentials – the brand is a symbol of top quality design, giving ample scope for this compact adventurer’s unique identity.

The front has a distinctive, Scout-specific bumper with black plastic moulding. This front bumper has stronger contours than the one on the standard Octavia. Below the broad, central honeycomb air inlet, the bumper is also emphasised by a silver off-road attachment. The sharp embossed fog lights are an exclusive Scout design. They are integrated into the right and left sides of the lower part of the bumper. The radiator grille in new ŠKODA design bears the Scout badge.

The ŠKODA designers have given the side view of the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout a significantly more muscular and robust aspect, in keeping with the front. Black side mouldings provide a surround for door sill and wheel arches and extend over both sides of the vehicle. There are also black plastic side protection mouldings. The exterior mirror housings come in an aluminium design as standard. Aluminium-effect roof railings are also available as an option.

The ground clearance of the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout has been raised to 171 millimetres and is now 33 millimetres higher than the standard Octavia. The standard rough-road package prevents the underbody from being damaged mechanically or dirt from penetrating the engine compartment under more rugged conditions. There are additional plastic protective covers for underbody components as well as the brake and petrol lines.

17-inch aluminium wheels are fitted as standard. The tyres are higher than in the standard Octavia and are size 225/50 R17.

Typically ŠKODA, the rear of the Octavia Scout is precision-designed with clean, uncluttered lines, showing the basic shape of the characteristic C-lamp design and the new triangular elements. The lower rear area is strongly emphasised. As in the front, here again, a distinctive bumper gives the Octavia Scout a unique look. Two reflectors are integrated into the right and left of the bumper (cat’s eyes). The lower black-clad bumper components include a silver-coloured off-road attachment in the middle. The left side of the tailgate bears the ŠKODA signature and on the right is the Scout lettering.

The ŠKODA Octavia Scout’s interior is also full of character. The front door sills bear the Scout lettering and the door trims are in a unique Scout design. The dashboard is in classic black or in a black/brown combination.

The Octavia Scout comes as standard with a 3-spoke multifunction leather steering wheel with an integral Scout emblem. The gear knob also bears a Scout badge. There are two seat cover designs to choose from: in fabric (brown) or in leather/Alcantara combination (two colour options: black or brown).

The Octavia Scout is as spacious as the Octavia Combi. The passenger compartment is one of the largest in its class, with optimised interior length (1,782 millimetres), rear legroom (73 millimetres) and headroom at front and rear (983 and 995 millimetres). The boot has a 610 litre capacity, and, with the rear seats down, the capacity increases to 1,740 litres. With the front passenger seat folded down, items up to 2.92 meters in length can be transported.

The Scout also has a series of ‘Simply Clever’ features such as the double-sided floor cover in the boot, the folding cargo element, the ice scraper in the fuel filler flap, the high-visibility vest holder under the driver’s seat, waste compartment in the side door and many storage compartments.

The ŠKODA Octavia Scout is available in the entire Octavia exterior colour range. It includes four plain colours and nine metallic colours including a new colour Laser White.

Outstanding drive capabilities with state-of-the-art Haldex-5 all-wheel drive technology

The Octavia Scout is available exclusively with all-wheel drive. Optimum drive capabilities and traction capacity (on and off road) are guaranteed by state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive technology based on the Haldex-5 clutch. Key features: optimised driving dynamics, maximum active safety and fuel economy. Compared with the Haldex-4 clutch previously used in the Octavia Scout, the new technology is 1.4 kg lighter.

The all-wheel-drive system is intelligent and responds extremely rapidly. The control unit continuously calculates the ideal driving torque for the rear axle. Thanks to the control unit constantly monitoring the driving conditions, loss of traction is almost ruled out. When coasting or with a light load, the front axle becomes the driving axle, which saves fuel.

The ŠKODA Octavia Scout is a real workhorse. The vehicle will pull up to 2.0 tonnes – i.e. it has 25% more traction than before. It also has excellent steep-slope capability. With greater angles of incline from 16.7 degrees at the front and 13.8 degrees at the back, the scout can also master steeper, more demanding terrain without difficulty.

Electronic differential lock (EDL) supports stable start-up characteristics at low speeds in the Octavia Scout. EDL operates on the front and rear axle and acts as an inter-wheel lock. If a wheel should spin when driving off on difficult ground, the drive force is transmitted to the opposite wheel. Braking is then applied specifically to the spinning wheel.

Three engines; premiere for the 2.0 TDI/135 kW with DSG and all-wheel drive

The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout has three engines to choose from: two diesel and one petrol engine. The units are both more powerful and more economical than the engines used in the previous model. Nevertheless, they are up to 29 kg lighter. All engines feature improved all-wheel drive technology and the use of efficient Green tec packages with automatic start-stop mechanism and brake energy recovery as standard. All three engines meet standard EU-6 which comes into force in September 2014.

The top diesel engine for the ŠKODA Octavia Scout is the 2.0 TDI/135 kW (184 hp) with an attractive combination of an automatic six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG) and all-wheel drive. This is the first time that the engine has been used in this configuration in a ŠKODA. The Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI/135 kW has a top speed of 219 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds, making this the fastest accelerating ŠKODA diesel engine. Maximum torque: 380 Nm between 1,750 and 3,000 rpm. Combined fuel consumption is only 5.4 litres/100 km. This engine has a CO2 emission of 143 g/km.

Even the ‘smaller’ diesel engine and the petrol engine give maximum efficiency and maximum power. The 2.0 TDI/110 kW (150 hp) is available exclusively with manual six-speed transmission. The engine manages 4.9 litres/100 km with a CO2 emission value of 129 g/km. The 110 kW engine accelerates the Octavia Scout from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.1 seconds. Its top speed is 207 km/h.

The Octavia Scout is available as a petrol engine with the 1.8 TSI/132 kW (180 hp) with automatic six-gear DSG. Combined consumption is 7.1 litres/100 km and the CO2 emissions achieve 159 g/km. Maximum torque of 280 Nm is achieved at between 1,350 and 4,500 rpm. Top speed: 216 km/h. The petrol engine accelerates the Octavia Scout from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.8 seconds.

Modern chassis with rear multi-link axle

Thanks to its innovative axles, the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout impresses with excellent vehicle handling in almost every situation. It has an innovative multi-link rear axle. It is 4 kg lighter than the previous model. The MacPherson front axle with low-mounted triangular wishbone suspension, by means of material optimisation and structural improvements, has shed around 2.8 kg compared to the previous model.

The ultimate in safety and comfort

In addition to its off-road capabilities, the new ŠKODA Octavia Scout offers all the outstanding features of the new ŠKODA Octavia. Its safety technology sets the highest standards. Up to nine airbags and state-of-the-art 3-point seatbelts protect the occupants in the event of an accident. Optional extras are Front Assistant with emergency braking function, Lane Assistant, multi-collision brake with automatic braking in the event of an accident, Crew Protect Assistant for vehicle safety in crash situations and Driver Activity Assistant (fatigue recognition).

As additional options, a number of electronic comfort systems are available: Adaptive Cruise Assistant (automatic distance control), Intelligent Light Assistant, Automatic Parking Assistant and Traveller Assistant with traffic sign recognition. One of the new Octavia Scout’s optional features is KESSY (Keyless Entry Start and Exit System). Other new technical and comfort features will also be available for the Octavia Scout. The vehicle can be supplied with Optical Parking Assistant (rear-view camera) and a new steering wheel in Super sport design. The Swing radio now comes with a 5" colour touch display.

With the new Octavia Scout, ŠKODA once again displays its great expertise in equipping vehicles for off-road capability. With the models Octavia Scout, Fabia Scout, Fabia Combi Scout, Roomster Scout, Yeti Outdoor and Superb with the Outdoor package, the Czech car manufacturer currently offers six models with special off-road styling.