Paris 2016

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe от ателье Lumma Design

Немецкий тюнер Lumma Design опубликовал первые фотографии своей новой работы CLR G 800, которая будет полностью раскрыта на автосалоне во Франкфурте в сентябре.


2013 Range Rover CLR R GT Evo от ателье Lumma Design

Немецкий тюнер Lumma Design вернулся с еще одним комплектом для нынешнего поколения Range Rover.


2014 Range Rover LWB от ателье Lumma Design

Британский Range Rover с длинной колесной базой удостоился послепродажного обвеса от ателье Lumma Design.


2015 BMW X6 (F16) от ателье Lumma Design

Lumma Design анонсировала послепродажный пакет для второго поколения BMW X6 (F16).


Lumma Design анонсировала эффектные CLR i3 и CLR i8

Lumma Design выпустила первые фотографии своих первых наработок на электрическом фронте под названием CLR i3 и CLR i8.


2012 BMW M6 (F12/F13) от ателье Lumma Design

Инженеры из Lumma Design разработали новый аэродинамический пакет для BMW 6-Series (F12/F13).


Lumma Design CLR X5 RS на базе 2014 BMW X5

2014 BMW X5 поступит в продажу только в ноябре, но это не остановило Lumma Design уже сейчас анонсировать свою программу под названием CLR X5 RS.


2014 Range Rover Sport от ателье Lumma Design

Lumma Design уже подготовила косметический пакет для недавно представленного 2014 Range Rover Sport.


Lumma Design облагородила новый 2013 Range Rover

После предварительного анонса в конце прошлого года, Lumma Design официально представила свою новую программу стайлинга для 2013 Range Rover.


Lumma Design представила пакет CLR 6 M для BMW F12/F13 моделей

После превью в прошлом году, Lumma Design полностью раскрыла модель CLR 6 M, которая ожидает публичной премьеры в Женеве на следующей неделе.


Lumma Design CLR 6 М на основе BMW M6 Coupe

Lumma Design выпустила первые подробности о своей предстоящей модели CLR 6 М.


Сдержанный Lumma Design CLR 9 S на базе Porsche 911 (991)

Lumma Design является примером сдержанности с представленной в Женеве моделью CLR 9 S на базе новой Porsche 911 (991).


Пресс-релиз (EN)

IAA World premiere: LUMMA Design presents their Wide Body conversion for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

  • Spectacular wide body LUMMA CLR G 800
  • LUMMA and VREDESTEIN develop 24-inch wheel and tyre combination
  • Top model with up to 650hp
A few days before the Frankfurt IAA opens for manufacturers and tuners to present their wares, LUMMA Design debuts their spectacular LUMMA CLR G 800, the first ever wide-body conversion for the new Mercedes GLE Coupé.

All constituent parts of this conversion are manufactured from high quality carbon-fibre or OEM quality PU RIM, and use the original factory mounting points where applicable. Upon customer request, LUMMA Design will paint and fit this conversion and provide German TÜV certification.

In co-operation with Dutch tyre manufacturer VREDESTEIN, LUMMA has developed an exclusive 24-inch tyre that can also be used with the standard production car. A matching 24-inch alloy wheel, performance upgrades for various models, including the 585hp GLE 63S AMG (585hp) AMG, and interior finishes, are under development.

"Adventurous like an SUV, elegant like a Coupé." This is how Mercedes-Benz describes their 4Matic-equipped GLE Coupé. Building on this premise, LUMMA Design has sharpened its silhouette and edges, giving it the kind of confident street appeal that goes down well with buyers in the Middle East and Asia.

Large, carbon air intakes on their side of the new front section give the LUMMA CLR 800 G its more aggressive face. This conversion includes a bespoke front spoiler lip, a version of which works with the factory spoiler on the GLE 63 AMG Coupé variant. In either case, this is made of high quality carbon-fibre.

The twin-turbo V8 engine needs to breathe deeply, and the front and side intakes of the LUMMA Sport lightweight carbon-fibre bonnet help to provide more ram intake air and better cooling. The impressive new front appearance is further underpinned by the LUMMA wheel arch extensions, which add around 50mm per side to the cars width. Made from carbon-fibre, these wheel arch extensions feature side air vents.

Embellished with carbon-fibre inserts, the deeper LUMMA side skirts visually connect the wider front and rear arches, the latter featuring brake cooling ducts.

The new rear valance also bears the distinctive LUMMA Design signature, and features a carbon-fibre rear diffuser. This is flanked by the LUMMA stainless steel sport exhaust system, which features four black 100mm diameter outlets and a deep, sonorous soundtrack. A carbon-fibre rear spoiler lip made of full carbon and roof panel on the rear hatch window provide the finishing touches to the aero kit.

VREDESTEIN, LUMMA’s tyre partner, has developed a 24-inch tyre, and LUMMA plans to bring a matching 24-inch diameter light alloy wheel to market in one-piece and multi-piece formats.

Sized 10.5J and 13.0J x 24-inch front and rear, and shod with 295/30ZR24 and 355/25ZR24 tyres, this combination is designed for installation on standard width vehicles as well. The official world premiere will take place at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

In the interior, high-quality materials, including a variety of fine woods, leathers and carbon-fibre trim help to create a unique ambience. The customer’s imagination is the only limit here.