Paris 2016

Lexus RC 350 теперь доступен в отделке F Sport

Lexus анонсировал купе RC 350 F Sport, которое будет показано в металле на автосалоне в Женеве.


Усредненный 2014 Lexus RC 350 F Sport

Лексус добавил третьего участника к своей новой линейке RC путем показа в Женеве модели RC 350 F Sport.


Lexus запускает кроссовер начального уровня 2015 NX

Lexus официально представил новый компактный кроссовер 2015 NX.


Впечатляющий 2015 Lexus RC F Coupe

Lexus официально представил RC F Coupe на Североамериканском международном автосалоне в Детройте.


2015 Lexus RC F появился в хорошем качестве [дополнено]

Первые относительно качественные снимки 2015 Lexus RC F попали в интернет.


2015 Lexus RC F не дождался Детройта

Предполагаемый 2015 Lexus RC F появился в интернете, в преддверии дебюта на международном автосалоне в Детройте.


Свежий 2014 Lexus RC

Lexus согласно своим обещаниям в начале месяца, представил новое купе 2014 RC на Токийском автосалоне.


2014 Lexus RC Coupe дебютирует в Токио

Lexus официально анонсировал купе 2014 RC, которое дебютирует на автосалоне в Токио.


2014/2015 Lexus RC F обнаружен в японской брошюре

Несколько предполагаемых фотографий нового 2014/2015 Lexus RC F появились в японском автомобильном журнале «Best Car».


Lexus представил GS 350 F Sport для SEMA 2012

Lexus анонсировал GS 350 F Sport для выставки SEMA 2012.


Lexus готовит в Париж новый концепт и 2013 LS 600h F-Sport

Lexus объявил о планах показать новый концепт на автосалоне в Париже.


Новый 2013 Lexus LS 460 F-Sport полностью раскрыт

Порция официальных изображений нового 2013 Lexus LS 460 F-Sport попала в сеть за считанные часы до официального дебюта.


Пресс-релиз (EN)


  • Lexus debuts F Sport* variant of RC Coupe at 2014 Geneva Motor Show
  • Dynamic upgrades for more rewarding and engaging driving experience
  • Even more sporting and aggressive exterior and interior design features
Lexus will unveil the F Sport* variant of its RC Coupe at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

First revealed at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the RC is a standalone model rather than a two-door derivative of a sedan. Based on the GS platform, it differs in all dimensions from the GS and IS model lines.

The F Sport variant of the RC 350 offers visual and dynamic upgrades over the standard model.

Visual upgrades include unique interior and exterior styling package, including body kit, wheels, interior instruments, seating and other touches.

The F Sport's dynamic upgrades take the form of exclusively tuned front and rear suspension hardware, the availability of Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and the Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH) system (incorporating dynamic rear steering), providing drivers with an even more rewarding and engaging driving experience.


Readily identified by a model-specific 'F' mesh grille design, the front of F Sport models features a further evolution of the Lexus spindle grille.

The F Sport model range combines model-specific badging with a unique 19" F Sport alloy wheel design featuring a machine-finished outer 10-spoke layer offset over an inner 10-spoke layer finished in a dark metallic paint.

Three exterior colours - White Nova, orange and Flame Blue - are exclusive to F Sport.

The RC F Sport also adopts an LFA-style instrument cluster with moveable centre ring, and an F Sport steering wheel and premium shift knob.

The F Sport-exclusive interior design is completed by Wedge Metal ornamentation and an F Sport-exclusive Dark Rose interior color.

Driving dynamics

Lexus Engineers have carefully tuned the RC F Sport to offer greater dynamic performance.

Kicking off the dynamic upgrades for the F Sport model is the adoption of Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS).

Teamed to drive mode select, AVS responds to driver inputs, vehicle body motion and road surface conditions to automatically and independently adjust the performance of the suspension at all four corners to maximise dynamic performance.

When the vehicle's Sport+ drive mode is selected, AVS is set to SPORT and allows the driver to feel improved body control and precise responses to steering input via a firmer suspension setting and revised power steering assistance.

The suspension enhancements of the RC 350 F Sport are complemented by the four-wheel steering benefits of the LDH system.

This leading-edge technology offers the integration of Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS), Electric Power Steering and Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS).

The system calculates the optimum angle for all four wheels by monitoring vehicle speed, steering direction and driver inputs. Using VGRS in the front and DRS in the rear, the system can independently manage both front and rear wheel steering angles to help improve turn-in response, rear grip, vehicle control and overall agility when cornering.

The Lexus unique Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system coordinates LDH, the Anti-lock Braking System, Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control and Adaptive Variable Suspension.

The LDH system monitors vehicle speed and yaw rate, steering angle and speed, and lateral G to calculate the required rear wheel steering input up to a maximum rear wheel angle of 2.0 degrees.

The front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions at lower speeds to assist manoeuvrability and in the same direction at higher speeds to provide stability.

The Lexus Dynamic Handling system coordinates all of the above and optimises dynamic and safety systems to suit vehicle speed and driving style.


  • Length: 4,695
  • Height: 1, 395
  • Width: 1,840
  • Wheelbase: 2, 730
  • Seating capacity persons: 4
  • Driven wheels: Rear-wheel drive
  • Engine type: 2 GR-FSE
  • Cylinders: V6
  • Engine output: 234 kW/6,400 rpm
  • Torque: 380 Nm/4,800 rpm
  • Transmission: 8AT
  • Suspension: front - Double Wishbone; rear - Multilink