Paris 2016

Land Rover анонсировал топовый Evoque Autobiography Dynamic

Land Rover покажет в Женеве модель Evoque в отделке Autobiography вместе с производной Autobiography Dynamic.


Динамичный Land Rover Evoque Autobiography

Land Rover представил на своем стенде в Женеве флагманский Range Rover Evoque под названием Autobiography Dynamic.


2016 Land Rover Evoque Convertible – попсовый кабриолет-кроссовер

Не прошло и трёх лет после премьеры концепта, как индийский британский Land Rover, показал серийный кабриолет Evoque Convertible, который поступит в продажу в середине 2016 года в более чем 170 странах, но, будет ограничен в выпуске.


Роскошный 2015 Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography

SVAutobiography можно без какого-либо преувеличения назвать самым «люксовым» джипом, выпускающемся в Соединённом Королевстве.


Официально представлен 2016 Land Rover Evoque

На прошлой неделе британский Land Rover анонсировал рестайлинговый 2016 Evoque, который уже раскрыт в полной мере, может похвастаться слегка пересмотренным дизайном и серией механических обновлений.


Показан 2014 Land Rover Evoque SW1

Land Rover, отдавая дань Великобритании, выпустил специальное издание — Evoque SW1.


Land Rover раскрыл обновленный 2014 Evoque

Land Rover представил 2014 Evoque, который поставляется с рядом изменений, в том числе новой 9-ступенчатой ​​автоматической трансмиссией.


Специальный Land Rover Evoque Sicilian Yellow Limited Edition для 2013 Brussels Motor Show

Land Rover подготовил специальную версию Evoque, которая дебютирует сегодня на выставке в Брюсселе.


Заряженная версия Range Rover Evoque получит 3,0-литровый V6 с наддувом от Jaguar

Уже не секрет о том, что Land Rover разрабатывает производительный Range Rover Evoque, а согласно отчету, кроссовер получит с наддувом 3,0-литровый V6 от Jaguar.


Range Rover Evoque созданный совместно с Викторией Бэкхем

Land Rover представил специальное издание Range Rover Evoque with Victoria Beckham на автосалоне автосалоне в Пекине.


Первый в мире кроссовер–кабриолет премиум сегмента Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept

Land Rover продемонстрировал на Женевском автосалоне Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept.


Land Rover представил внедорожник кабриолет Evoque Convertible Concept

Land Rover представил концепт Evoque Cabrio, впереди своего дебюта на Женевском автосалоне.


Пресс-релиз (EN)

Two New Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Models Enhance Luxury And Performance

  • Two new premium derivatives debut for 2015 - Range Rover Evoque Autobiography and Autobiography Dynamic, bringing heightened luxury and performance
  • Autobiography Dynamic debuts with 285PS/400Nm 2.0-litre petrol engine and revised chassis for sharper handling
  • A world first - Land Rover InControlTM Apps* enables vehicle-optimised smartphone apps to be displayed and controlled with their original look and feel from the vehicle's touchscreen
Land Rover is introducing the Autobiography name to the Range Rover Evoque for the first time with two new premium derivatives to the line-up for 2015: the luxurious Autobiography tops the range, complemented by the more powerful, more agile Autobiography Dynamic with its 285PS turbocharged engine and optimised chassis for enhanced performance and sharper handling.

Enhancing Land Rover's existing suite of connected-car technologies, Land Rover InControlTM Apps* also debuts across the range. In a world first, InControl Apps enables vehicle-optimised smartphone apps to be displayed and controlled with their original look and feel from the vehicle's touchscreen. Owners simply download Land Rover InControlTM Apps to their smartphone and connect it to the vehicle's dedicated USB port to enable compatible apps to function on the Range Rover Evoque's touchscreen, with new content available every time the apps update. This new in-car technology complements the Evoque's existing infotainment system by bringing the convenience and familiarity of iPhone or Android smartphone apps into the owner's vehicle.

Speaking ahead of the official world premiere for the Range Rover Evoque Autobiography derivatives at the Geneva Motor Show, Murray Dietsch, Director of Land Rover Programmes, said: "The introduction of Land Rover InControlTM Apps together with the new range-topping Autobiography and Autobiography Dynamic derivatives, takes the Range Rover Evoque's core strengths a step further, bringing increased connectivity, desirability, luxury and dynamic ability to the already successful line-up."

The Autobiography and Autobiography Dynamic make a bold design statement with enhanced dynamic body styling, a new premium grille design, lower front valance, jewel-like headlights and tail lamps and 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Autobiography ingot badging on the tailgate and front fender vents provides further visual differentiation. A new and striking premium metallic body colour called phoenix orange also debuts across the Dynamic Evoque derivatives.

Inside, the Autobiography is equipped with a luxurious leather interior in a selection of six colour palettes. Autobiography Dynamic customers can choose from a dynamic plus leather interior with either sports or premium climate seats and a choice of four colours. Headrests feature an Autobiography embossed logo whilst Autobiography illuminated tread plates greet you as you open the door.

"The Range Rover Evoque continues to be applauded for its ground-breaking design," said Land Rover Design Director & Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern. "The new Range Rover Evoque Autobiography is a natural progression, bringing luxury that's more commonly associated with far larger, more expensive models to a premium compact SUV."

The Autobiography is available with the Evoque's powerful and efficient 240PS petrol or 190PS diesel engines, together with the responsive and fuel-efficient 9-speed ZF automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

The Autobiography Dynamic's 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, meanwhile, has been upgraded exclusively to 285PS and 400Nm, a substantial 45PS and 60Nm increase. Its 9-speed ZF transmission now responds even more keenly to sportier driver inputs, including when left in Drive. Active driveline is optional on all Range Rover Evoque derivatives and comes as standard equipment on the Autobiography Dynamic. One of the world's first four-wheel-drive systems of its kind, active driveline improves traction, enhances agility and improves fuel efficiency by engaging four-wheel drive seamlessly and automatically when required.

Further increasing driver enjoyment, the steering of the Autobiography Dynamic has been specially tuned for additional on-centre precision; the chassis also features upgraded suspension geometry, firmer spring rates and recalibrated adaptive dampers, increasing agility and turn-in response. This has been achieved without impacting on the Range Rover Evoque's compliant ride quality.

To ensure drivers can fully experience the Autobiography Dynamic's optimised performance, upgraded 350mm front brake discs have been fitted, while Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVB) is standard equipment. TVB helps to reduce understeer on low- and high-grip surfaces, providing more responsive handling characteristics.

Since its launch in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque has won 157 international awards for its combination of leading-edge design, striking interior craftsmanship, agile handling and off-road capability. It continues to appeal to customers with more than 270,000 sales worldwide, making it the fastest-selling Land Rover of all time. The new Autobiography and Autobiography Dynamic represent the next chapter in the Range Rover Evoque's incredible success story.

* Land Rover InControlTM Apps is market dependent