Paris 2016

Citroën запускает премиум-кроссовер DS 6WR

Первоначально названный DS X7, серийный кроссовер Citroën построен на базе концепта Wild Rubis и получил имя Citroën DS 6WR.


2016 DS E-Tense – электрический спорткар

Компания DS Automobiles(новоиспечённый суб-бренд Ситроена) опубликовала изображения и характеристики концепта E-Tense, который будет показан широкой публике в Женеве.


2016 Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen – свободный SUV, функциональный MPV

Ситроен совместно с французской музыкальной поп-группой «Hyphen Hyphen» поработал над созданием весьма оригинального концепта на базе модели 2016 Spacetourer.


Официально представлен 2015 Citroen DS 5

Французский премиум хэтчбек Citroen DS 5 получил свою порцию фейслифта и собирается дебютировать через пару недель на автосалоне в Женеве.


Захватывающий 2014 Citroen Divine DS Concept

Компания Citroën, по мнению многих экспертов, задала высокую планку понятию «захватывающий» на автосалоне в Париже.


Концепт Citroen Divine DS лишился заднего стекла

Citroen выпустил первые подробности о «божественном» концепте Divine DS, который дебютирует на автосалоне в Париже.


Citroën анонсировал кроссовер DS X7

Citroën выпустил тизер кроссовера DS X7, который предназначен для китайского рынка.


Citroen раскрыл DS 5LS для китайского рынка

Разработанный специально для Китая, Citroen DS 5LS вдохновлен концептом Wild Rubis, в частности решеткой «DS Wings», которая проходит в фары.


Citroën планирует запуск кроссовера DS X7 в Китае

Citroën подтвердил серийную версию концепта DS Wild Rubis, запуск которой состоится в следующем году в Китае.


Городской Citroën Wild Rubis

Городской кроссовер Wild Rubis от Citroën является новым членом линейки DS, и в скором времени приведет к производству с похожими стилем и намерениями.


Citroën приготовил концепт DS Wild Rubis в Шанхай

Citroën раскрыл DS Wild Rubis Concept перед публичным выступлением на Auto Shanghai 2013 в конце этого месяца.


Пресс-релиз (EN)


At the Beijing Motor Show, DS is unveiling a new model that is both powerful and sophisticated, the DS 6WR. Directly inspired by the Wild Rubis concept car, this premium SUV clearly carries the DS genes. Unique, inspired and emotional, immediately recognisable and exceptionally sophisticated. A strong vehicle with real character, continuing the DS story in China. After the DS 5LS, this first brand SUV is the next stage in the development of DS in China and around the world.

Designed in Paris, the capital of luxury and fashion, the DS 6WR is a new take on DS: rebellious, untamed, yet pure and sophisticated. Its original body lines combine the powerful lines of an SUV with the sophisticated design cues of DS.

Powerful, elegant lines

Like the Wild Rubis concept car that heralded this new premium SUV, DS 6WR is a strong, spectacular vehicle whose flowing contours convey the homogeneity of its design.

This latest model from the DS brand is 4.55m long, 1.86m wide and 1.61m tall with an exceptionally long wheelbase of 2.73m. These generous dimensions convey power and strength and also give the car an inviting look. In this way, it meets the real needs of premium SUV buyers in terms of features and versatility. With the 19-inch wheels at each corner, it promises exceptional driving sensations.

The DS 6WR also features Grip Control. This technology optimises traction on all types of terrain without a four-wheel drive system and while limiting both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Further illustrating this model’s advanced technology, the e-THP 160 and THP 200 engines feature sequential direct injection with a high-pressure pump and Twin Scroll type turbocharger. They are mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Refined, sophisticated styling

With its original proportions and charismatic looks, the new DS 6WR is one of the most modern SUVs around. Wide and low, the unique body style expresses both strength and power without sacrificing a sense of sophistication, expressed in the sensual, voluptuous styling.

The elegant DS 6WR features a unique chrome-finish side signature. The aluminium bars accentuate an impression of height, underlining the dynamic looks of this new model, before plunging back into the sculpted lines of the rear wing.

DS 6WR sublimates the new front end identity inaugurated by the DS 5LS with “DS Wings”. This attractive, new grille of sculptural design takes its name from the two chrome-finish wings connecting it to the headlamps. The taut arc formed by these lines gives the front end a dynamic, modern look. The specially designed grille also features the DS logo. It is further enhanced by a rich, incisive light signature with DRLs in a tuning-fork layout and Xenon technology.

At the rear, the lights appear to be built into the wraparound tailgate as part of a new layout. The glass of the rear light is set in chrome, like a jewel, further underlining the light signature and 3D design of the light functions. In pursuit of perfection, the DS initials are embossed on the side of the light with the DS emblem. The sculpted style of the wraparound tailgate is underlined at the base by a chrome finish with a twin exhaust.

A new vehicle at the heart of the DS offensive in China

This new model is the next step in the development of the DS brand in China. Following the DS5 in September 2013 and the DS 5LS launched at the end of March, the DS 6WR will be the third DS model to be built in China at the Shenzhen site. The DS 6WR will make its debut at the end of the year, in China in the first instance. And DS is not stopping there, since another locally built model will be unveiled in the coming months.

The development of DS is underpinned by an expanding network with 56 DS STORES in the city’s biggest cities.


  • Length: 4.55 m
  • Width: 1.86 m
  • Height: 1.61 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.73 m