Paris 2016

2015 Mercedes-AMG GT S от ателье Brabus

Brabus анонсировал мировую премьеру новой программы тюнинга для Mercedes-AMG GT S, которая будет публично показана на автосалоне во Франкфурте.


2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 S от ателье Brabus

Брабус разошёлся по полной на кузове W205.


2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S от ателье RENNtech

Весьма интересная поделка американского тюнера RENNtech для суперкара Mercedes-AMG GT S предлагает улучшить не только визуальные ощущения, но и теперь основательно форсировать двигатель M178.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Bison от ателье Wald

Анонсирован очередной пакет стайлинга от японского тюнера Wald International.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe от ателье Brabus

На «провинциальном» автосалоне в Дубаи Brabus представил новую программу для кроссовера 2015 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S Coupe.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GT S от ателье Prior Design

Prior Design анонсировал свой предстоящей комплект PD800GT для Mercedes-AMG GT S.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GT от ателье Mcchip-Dkr

Немецкий специалист по доводке силовых установок Mcchip-Dkr представил новую программу тюнинга для Mercedes-AMG GT. Модернизация доступна для версий GT и GT S, после оптимизации ECU – производительность 4,0-литрового двигателя V8 возрастает до 590 л.с.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GT от ателье Posaidon

Немецкий тюнер Posaidon разработал комплект повышения производительности для двигателя M178 (4.0 V8), который обслуживает дуэт Mercedes-AMG GT и C63 AMG.


2015 Mercedes-AMG GT от ателье German Special Customs

Немецкий тюнер German Special Customs опубликовал рендеры предстоящей программы тюнинга для 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT.


Повседневный 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT

Долгожданный преемник SLS, будораживший целое лето тизерами, оснащенный новым двигателем и показанный в начале сентября — Mercedes-AMG GT — публично дебютировал на автосалоне в Париже.


Флагманский Mercedes-AMG GT дебютирует в сентябре

Mercedes-Benz продолжает раскрывать секреты грядущего суперкара — Mercedes-AMG GT.


Официальные изображения интерьера Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz выпустил первые снимки интерьера Mercedes-AMG GT, который дебютирует на автосалоне в Париже.


Пресс-релиз (EN)

World premiere at the IAA 2015

BRABUS refines the Mercedes-AMG GT S 441 kW / 600 HP, 750 Nm of torque, a top speed of 325 km/h, carbon components and 21-inch high-tech forged wheels

Lending an exclusive car an even more thrilling appearance has been the domain of BRABUS for almost four decades. At the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, the exclusive sports program for the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S models celebrates its world premiere. With an output increase to 441 kW / 600 HP (591 bhp) and a peak torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft), the two-seat car reaches a top speed of 325 km/h (201 mph). From the outside, the sports car with BRABUS design impresses with aerodynamic-enhancement components made from clear-coated carbon, ultra-light BRABUS Monoblock F forged wheels, a sports suspension with a multitude of selectable settings for damping and ride height, and a sports exhaust system made from especially lightweight titanium with electronically controlled sound management. BRABUS fine leather interiors and inlays made from real carbon and precious wood upgrade the cockpit of the two-door car.

You can never have enough power, especially in a sports car. That is why the BRABUS engine specialists have developed the PowerXtra B40 – 600 performance kit for the eight-cylinder twin-turbo engine of the GT S. A plug-and-play control module is adapted to the engine electronics. It features new mapping for injection and ignition while also moderately increasing the boost pressure. After the installation, the engine puts out an extra 66 kW / 90 HP (88 bhp) and produces 100 Nm (74 lb-ft) of added torque. Of course, the tuned version complies with the same strict emissions standards as the production car.

After the upgrade, the GT S has a rated power output of 441 kW / 600 HP (591 bhp) at 6,400 rpm and a peak torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) at 4,800 rpm. It sprints from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.6 seconds. The top speed with BRABUS engine tuning jumps from 310 to 325 km/h (190 to 201 mph).

Like all other BRABUS components, the performance kit for the GT S is backed by the exemplary BRABUS Tuning Warranty of three years, up to 100,000 kilometers/62,000 miles (see BRABUS Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated July 2013). Technology partner MOTUL supplies the high-tech lubricants for the entire powertrain.

The ideal complement to the engine tuning or an attractive upgrade for all standard GT or GT S models is the BRABUS quad sports exhaust made from extremely lightweight titanium with four tailpipes made from a combination of titanium and carbon. This exhaust system weighs about 40 percent less than the production exhaust and optimizes the power delivery of the V8 engine to boot. As a special feature, this exhaust is fitted with electronically controlled butterfly valves operated from the cockpit. The standard setting offers a 'coming home' sound tuning that is quieter than the production exhaust. It further increases the appeal of the thrilling sports car for the neighbors when it returns home late at night. When the valves are open, the eight-cylinder sounds significantly sportier and more powerful than with the production exhaust.

The material of choice for the BRABUS aerodynamic-enhancement components is lightweight yet extremely strong carbon, the same material used in Formula 1 racing. The components were developed in the wind tunnel and lend the GT or GT S version of the sports car a more thrilling design while optimizing the aerodynamics. All bodywork components come with a clear-coated carbon racing-look finish. They are also available with a matte coating and can optionally be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

The front bumper of the coupe receives a visual upgrade with the BRABUS front spoiler. What is more: at high speeds, lift on the front axle is further reduced, resulting in even more stable handling. The two BRABUS covers for the side air intakes of the bumper lend the two-seater an even more striking face while optimizing the routing of cooling air. Integrated LED side markers optimize active safety.

BRABUS also sharpens the profile of the sports car: the new design air outlets for the front fenders lend the GT S a full-blooded racing touch. They immediately catch the eye due to their integrated BRABUS logotypes that light up in blue when the keyless-entry remote or a door handle are operated. The BRABUS rocker panels give the front-engine sports car an even lower and sleeker visual stance. They also optimize the airflow between the front and rear wheel arches.

The rear receives a more athletic look with the BRABUS rear airfoil and the BRABUS diffuser with tailor-made cutouts for the four tailpipes of the BRABUS sports exhaust system. In addition, these aerodynamic-enhancement components also contribute to optimized handling stability at high speeds.

The forged wheels were custom-developed for the GT and GT S and also play an essential role in the thrilling BRABUS look. The staggered tire/wheel combination with diameters of 20 inches on the front axle and 21 inches at the rear adds further emphasis to the wedge shape of the two-seater.

Thanks to a manufacturing process that uses state-of-the-art forging technology, the BRABUS Monoblock F PLATINUM EDITION cross-spoke wheels are extremely light yet especially robust. The wheels are available with a mirror-polished, brushed or titanium-colored finish and come in sizes 9.5Jx20 at the front and 11Jx21 on the rear axle. Technology partners Continental, Pirelli and YOKOHAMA supply the extremely wide high-performance tires of sizes 275/30 ZR 20 and 305/25 ZR 21.

The BRABUS sports springs are tailored specifically to these low profile tires. They lower the ride height of GT S by about 15 millimeters (.6 inches).

For the cockpit of the sports car, the BRABUS interior designers have developed exclusive accessories such as carbon scuff plates with stainless-steel inserts and a backlit BRABUS logo, whose color changes between red and white, and matte anodized or chrome-plated aluminum pedals. Special BRABUS aluminum paddle shifters in an even more ergonomic position on the steering wheel make even more precise gear changes possible.

The BRABUS upholstery shop creates BRABUS fine leather interiors finished with masterful workmanship for the GT and GT S as well. They can be tailored as precisely to the owner's preferences with regard to the choice of leather, Alcantara and color as the design and the upholstery.

Individual requests can also be fulfilled when it comes to the inlays for the dashboard, center console and door panels. BRABUS manufactures carbon and precious wood trim sets in any desired color and with many different surface finishes.